Equine Services

At Tay Valley Vets we can provide vaccinations, equine dentistry and health checks.

Our team of established local equine vets are available 24 hours a day.

We consistently invest in training and technology in order to ensure we bring you the very best in equine health care. We are extremely proud to offer an extensive range of equine services which includes dentistry, gastroscopy, and vaccinations.

Please find a full list of our equine services below. If you would like any further information about one of our specific equine service, then please do not hesitate to call our friendly equine team on 01738 621 415.

Our team provide a complete range of treatments and services for your horse

We are proud to offer our clients ultrasound scanning, digital x-rays and endoscopy. We regularly carry out tendon and reproductive ultrasound scans on visits and at our premises.

Equine Services


Dentistry (Routine and corrective)

Part of an equine cheek tooth will not wear fully when they chew. This often leads to sharp points at these under worn areas (overgrowths). In the lower teeth, these sharp points are next to the tongue and in the upper area next to the cheek. Riding can often increase the chance that the cheeks and tongue come into contact with the teeth and can lead to ulceration (noseband, cheek pieces and bit).

Routine, annual and 6 month rasping of these sharp points is one of our key services. Examination with dental mirrors, sometimes under sedation, allows us to find tooth fractures, diastema, and any painful areas.

We recommend that dental checks are undertaken to ensure good oral dental health. Dental problems can often be the cause of weight loss, biting and behavioural problems. Some individuals may require more frequent checks if they have dental abnormalities. We can carry out dentals at your premises or at our clinic. We have both power assisted as well as hand held tools.


We are able to perform respiratory endoscopy with our portable system as well as gastroscopy at the clinic. Using this system we are able to take samples from the respiratory tract and sinuses as well as visualise gastric ulcers in order to offer the best approach in treating the problem.

Faecal Worm Egg Counts

There are many different ways of controlling the worm burden in a population. Latest studies show that contrary to popular belief, it is beneficial to maintain a low level, healthy worm burden in the population. This reduces the risk and ultimately delays the development of resistant worms.

We recommend checking your horses’ individual worm egg counts three times a year, to ensure that you are not worming unnecessarily and potentially breeding a resistant worm population. A fresh dung sample can be handed in for analysis usually with same day results and advice as to whether to worm or not.

Please read our worming advice sheet (available directly from the surgery) for more information.

Foal and Mare Checks

Foaling can be a stressful time for both you and your mare. We provide checks and advice to give you peace of mind about your mare and its newest addition. Mares are prone to developing infections post-foaling which can be life threatening, especially if they are not completely cleansed. For more information on what you can expect after foaling, please see our advice sheets (available directly from the surgery).


We can look for ulcers and inflammation in the stomach which can be the cause of poor performance, pain and weight loss.

Health Checks

We carry out routine health checks at every vaccination. If you require a more thorough examination for a specific condition please do let us know.

Lameness Investigation

Initial lameness investigations are usually carried out at your premises, however we are equipped with a large indoor area as well as a secure, level ground to the rear of our clinic, where more in depth investigations can take place. Lameness investigations may include gait assessment in walk, trot and on the lunge on soft and hard ground, flexion tests, nerve and joint blocks as well as x-rays.

You are more than welcome to stay for your horse’s assessment if it is carried out at the practice, or alternatively you can leave your horse with us for the day. We have a portable digital x-ray system which allows us to view the x-rays immediately and discuss with you at the time.

Microchipping and Passport

Your horse is required to have a valid passport for any transportation as well as when attending competitions and events. By law, all foals should be micro-chipped and have a valid passport before 6 months of age or the 31st of December of the year they were born. Micro-chips help definitively identify an individual and helps deter theft. These chips are implanted by a veterinarian through a needle into the left neck. In addition to a micro-chip, your horse may require a silhouette to be completed and signed by a veterinarian in order to be valid. Passports are a record of your horses’ vaccinations, movements and identification. You must ensure that these documents are kept safe. More information regarding this is available on the DirectGov website. Please download and print out your breed society or passport issuing body required for your application, as we do not provide these.

Minor Surgical Procedures

Our purpose built equine department with trained nurses ensures that we can carry out minor surgical procedures such as castrations, lump removals and wound repair at the clinic as well as in the yard.

Mobile Diagnostic Imaging

This allows us to investigate lameness at your premises.

Official Measurement

Katie Jamieson is certified to provide official measurement of horses by the Joint Measurement Board. We have our own pad and 2 stables to allow your horse or pony to settle in before measurement.

Pre-Purchase Examinations

We are able to provide Two and Five stage examinations. Please do not hesitate to contact reception for more information. Call 01738 621415.

Before buying a horse we highly recommend a pre-purchase examination. There are various levels of pre-purchase examinations ranging from basic to more in-depth. We must stress however that these examinations reflect our opinion on fitness for purpose.


We can scan mares, inseminate with cooled semen, investigate and treat causes of failed pregnancy. This can be undertakenboth at the practice and at home.


Horse Flu is endemic in the UK, which means that most horses will come into regular contact with the virus during their lifetime. The control of horse flu in the UK is based on limiting the signs of infection in horses that have been exposed to the virus, rather than trying to prevent exposure itself. This is primarily achieved through regular vaccination which is given either once or twice a year.

  • First Vaccination: day 1
  • Second Vaccination: 21-90 days after (e.g. 4weeks)
  • Third Vaccination 150-215 days after (e.g. 6 months)
  • Annual booster is given thereafter (must be within 365 days)

Vaccinations are carried out on an annual basis once the initial course is administered against Equine Influenza and Tetanus. You must ensure that your horse is up to date with his/her vaccinations if you would like to participate in any events. Although some owners do not wish to vaccinate their horses for flu we highly recommend a tetanus vaccination. Tetanus is a life threatening and very painful condition for which there is no cure.

At the time of vaccination we perform a full clinical exam and it is a chance to discuss any worries you have with the vet. Please have your passport available at the time of vaccination to be completed by the vet.

Please remember to check the rules for individual venues and sports prior to competing as some will require a 6 monthly flu booster.


Our portable ultrasound machine enables us to provide ultrasound examinations of tendons, lumps and bumps as well as pregnancy scans. These can be carried out either at your yard or our premises.

24 Hour Emergency Cover

We provide a 24-hour emergency response. Call 01738 621415.

Free equine talks

If you would like to attend these free talks by world renowned experts in equine medicine, please contact us in advance as they have proven to be very popular.