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Tetanus vaccination amnesty for equines

Tay Valley Vets Equine tetanus news graphic. Vet with injection in hand

Although at TVVEC we would recommend vaccinating all horses and ponies for both Flu and Tetanus, we realise some clients may decide not to vaccinate for economic reasons or because they consider their horses low risk for flu. However this may mean that tetanus vaccines have lapsed too and owners are inadvertently putting their horses […]


Tay Valley Vets Laminitis news graphic

Recent evidence suggests that endocrinopathies (hormone diseases) may be responsible for up to 90% of laminitis cases. This spring if we suspect your horse may have PPID (equine cushings) Tay Valley Equine Centre can arrange to have the lab testing done at no cost. Call out charge and blood sampling fee apply at the usual […]

Increased surveillance for horse meat increases importance of correctly completed horse passports

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Following the recent high profile furore over horsemeat being identified in supermarket beef burgers, the spotlight has also highlighted the fact that some horse carcases are testing positive for phenylbutazone. As a result of this Defra and the FSA have said that, as an interim measure and with immediate effect, ALL horses slaughtered for human […]

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