Fireworks, a traumatic time for some pets

With 73% of owners saying they have a pet who’s scared of fireworks, inevitably this is a time where the help and support of vets and behaviourists can play a key role in ensuring your pet can cope.

Left unmanaged, the reactive behaviour displayed by your cat or dog, be it hiding behind the sofa, digging up the carpet, soiling the house or barking incessantly to name a few reactions, may have a cumulative effect over time. Subsequently when a loud noise happens this may result in an increase in seemingly irrational and uncontrolled behaviour; it can also have the effect of elevating their response to other sudden noises such as doors slamming, thunder etc.

To manage this situation it is important to consider short-term and long-term management.

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Zylkène contains a natural product, derived from casein, a protein in milk

Give just once a day. Zylkène is preservative and lactose free. For further information about keeping you pet safe during fireworks season, contact our reception team on 01738 621415.

Zylkene capsules

What is Zylkène?

At Tay Valley Vets, we recommend Zylkène capsules, which are available over the counter from our practice. These capsules are based on a milk protein which calms your pet.

These capsules are mixed with food and therefore easy to give. They should be given 2-3 days before fireworks start and continued for as long as fireworks celebrations continue.

Zylkène has helped many dogs and cats during festivities which incorporate firework displays. We also have information packs with advice on how to help your pets cope with fireworks, available from our reception.

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Ten day course of Zylkène capsules from only £11.80. Available from reception.
For more information please contact our reception team on 01738 621415.

Does My Pet Need Help Coping With Fireworks?

Generally, most pets will struggle with fireworks. Animals have acute senses: for them every flash and bang can be unexpected and alarming.

Think about how your pet reacts to fireworks; or if you haven’t had them when there’s been fireworks, how they react to loud noises. Do they show any of these behaviours? If so, your pet might need help coping.

What can I do to help?

Tay Valley Vets top 10 tips for keeping your dog happy during the fireworks season:

  • Provide a den or hiding place for your dog
  • Use an Adaptil diffuser as close to the den or hiding place as possible, where your dog spends most of their time
  • Keep your dog inside during fireworks
  • Check their microchip details are up to date
  • Walk dogs early in the evening before fireworks start
  • Ensure doors and windows are kept closed
  • Provide distractions such as new toy or chew
  • Put the television or music on to mask the noise and draw the curtains
  • Never leave your dog alone on fireworks night
  • Do not punish your pet for being scared or worried
Cat showing changed demeanour e.g. altered posture or tense muscles
Changed demeanour
Cat licking its face
Habits such as
excessive licking
Tay Valley Vets A Retriever laying on floor with a ball
Reduced play
Resting dog
Altered sleeping patterns
Tay Valley Vets Dog being vocal
Tay Valley Vets dog laying down on floor by itself
Increased or decreased social interaction
Changed use of
Tay Valley Vets cat hiding under a couch
Changed resting places
Tay Valley Vets Dog laying on floor looking up
House soiling

Ten day course of Zylkène capsules from only £11.80. Available from reception.
For more information please contact our reception team on 01738 621415.

With once daily administration, Zylkène is easy to give and it is also very palatable and well accepted by both dogs and cats

If you think your pet would benefit from Zylkène capsules and would like to make a purchase, contact our reception team on 01738 621415.

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