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Blood Sampling for Pets on Long Term Medication

At Tay Valley Vets we are now able to offer a new and proactive service to benefit your pet’s overall health. This service is aimed at pets that are on long-term medication associated with arthritis.  This service will include a 20-minute appointment that will consist of a basic health check and blood sample, this can be done on the same day as your pet’s vaccinations or medication checks.

The use of long-term medications can put a strain on your pet’s liver and kidneys. The blood sample will allow us to monitor and interpret basic liver and kidney function. The liver and kidneys can have over 80% damage before clinical signs arise, this is why we are recommending screening samples. If the blood sample results show no abnormalities the results can be used as a baseline for future samples. We recommend carrying out these tests on a 6 monthly basis, this will ensure careful monitoring of your pet’s organ function.

Once the Veterinary Nurse has completed a basic health check and the blood sample has been run in our diagnostic suite, the information will then be passed on to the Veterinary Surgeon who will interpret and report the results.

These tests will allow the Veterinary Surgeon to assess your pet’s current dose of medication and allow for any changes necessary.

The cost of this service is £36 including VAT. Please call the reception team to make an appointment with our Veterinary Nurse or for more information on this service.


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