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Pick up your FREE information pack during April with advice on safety in garden, worms, first aid and seasonal poisons

With the arrival of Spring, many gardens around the country are growing and blossoming well ahead of schedule. Outdoor enthusiasts, who are also pet owners, are delighted with the onset of Spring, enjoying their outdoor living spaces while watching their pets run and play.

Tay Valley Vets would like to keep pets safe this Spring and Summer by informing pet owners of potentially harmful substances, flowers, and plants that are dangerous to dogs and cats.

Many of the emergencies that veterinary clinics see at this time of year involve pet ingestions of garden products that may have harmful chemicals or ingredients. Additional garden related emergencies involve pets that have dug into and ingested the contents of compost piles, or consumed various plants and flowers that can be poisonous.

For further help and advice on how to keep your cats and dogs happy and healthy during Spring and Summer, come into the surgery during April and pick up your FREE information pack. This pack will include helpful information on safety in garden, worms, first aid and seasonal poisons.

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