Heart Disease Dogs

Important information about heart disease in large breed dogs

Did you know that large breed dogs can be at risk of heart disease? In fact, about 10% of dogs can be affected and the most common form in large dogs is called dilated cardiomyopathy (DCM).

Dog breeds most at risk are: Doberman; Boxer; Great Dane; and Irish Wolfhound.

Finding DCM early enables our vets to institute an optimal management programme, which can help to extend your dog’s life. Regular screening is key to protecting the hearts of at-risk dogs.

Remember, heart disease can develop in at-risk dogs even when they seem happy and healthy. Acting early can help extend your dog’s life!

We now have new information about the early management of this disease, which means that there is now a real benefit to diagnosing DCM as early as possible, before any clinical signs are observed.

With appropriate treatment, we are now able to extend the time before clinical signs develop and significantly extend the overall survival time of affected dogs. Because DCM is silent in the early stages, regular screening is important for early diagnosis. We will then be able to take action to ensure your dog is able to enjoy life to the full for longer and give you more precious time to enjoy with them.

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