Tay Valley Vets Equine talk graphic. Brown horse in a field

Equine talk

Over 50 people attended the practice last Friday to hear a very informative talk by Richard Reardon from RDVS Edinburgh on the common causes of colic and the measures horse owners can take to reduce the risk. These include regular dental checks and worm control and taking care around the time of changes in management since these can trigger changes in gut motility which can lead to problems. Richard demonstrated the changes with the “Glass Horse” model – a useful teaching tool which allows easy visualisation of what happens to the gut in various common types of colic.

After a break Jamie presented a look behind the scenes at the Olympic Games of 2012 and explained the role he had as a field vet and the privilege it was to work with the best horses in the world.

The evening was sponsored by Merial and raised £75 for the Gambia Horse and Donkey Trust.

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