Laminitis screening package

Tay Valley Veterinary & Equine Centre will be offering a laminitis risk assessment for horses & ponies who have had laminitis or at a high risk of developing this crippling condition.

Laminitis has been clinically linked to Equine Metabolic Syndrome and Equine Cushing’s Disease, both of which can be successfully managed if detected early.

Horses and ponies which have a high risk of having these conditions include those that are overweight & do not lose their winter coat. Following on from a talk by Dr. John Keen of the R(D)SVS Equine Hospital on the 18th of November, we would like to extend this offer to our clients until January 2012.

This exclusive package includes:

Two foot radiographs
One blood sample for detection of Equine Metabolic Syndrome / Cushing’s
General health check
Please ring us for more information.

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