Survey reveals lack of knowledge at rabbit husbandry

A survey of over 2000 people carried out during Rabbit Awareness Week revealed some startling and worrying statistics.

50% of respondents believed that the average rabbit lives for only three to four years
71% did not know that fibre; hay and grass, was the most important component of the rabbits diet
50% believed that vegetables, fruit and carrots were the most important foodstuffs for rabbits.
90% were unaware that a rabbit could cost over £3,000 over its life time
It is essential that owners understand their rabbits welfare needs, including their need to be fed a suitable diet, to have a large hutch and exercise run, to have company and to receive appropriate health care including vaccinations against deadly diseases.

If you feel that you need any further advice on your rabbits needs please contact the practice for a free nurse consultation.

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