Save money on pet food – Cats

I can currently buy a pouch of Whiskas Cat Food from the Supermarket for 26 pence. If my average 4kg cat eats the recommended 3 pouches per day this costs 78 pence per day to feed my cat, a total cost of £284.70 per year.

If I buy a bag of Proplan Adult Cat Food for £14.00 per 3kg bag from Tay Valley Vets I feed my cat 55 grams of food costing 25 pence per day or £91.25 per year. A saving of £193.45 per year!

Why Choose a Super Premium Cat Food?

It contains only top quality ingredients
A high quality diet means more of the food is digested by the cat, producing much less poo to clean up from the litter tray!
Proplan in a fixed formula food, this means the formula does not vary from bag to bag, food changes can often be responsible for upset tummies and diarrhoea.
Tay Valley Vets operate a loyalty scheme, once you have bought 5 bags of food the 6th bag is Free! This reduces the cost of feeding your cat even further.

All animals are different and need different amounts and types of food to keep them fit and healthy. Bring your cat in for a weight and condition check and get feeding recommendations from our Nurses free of charge!

Prices for Whiskas Cat food correct at 25.11.2009

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