Equine vets working with fire and rescue services

Andrew attended a 2 day training course in equine rescue in Hampshire last week. The training means that Tay Valley Vets are now listed on a national register of vets who are able to assist their local fire brigades with equine rescues. The training was very practical and participants had to demonstrate strong leadership skills in stressful situations with simulated rescues of horses from rivers, ditches, bogs and from overturned trailers. Much of the training focussed on road accidentsd involving horses being transported. The training was administered by the British Equine Veterinary Association, of which both Andrew and Jamie are members, and the Lyndhurst Fire and rescue service. Two equine vets and two firefighters who specialise in animal rescue led the course of fifteen vets from across the UK. Andrew said the whole experience was very helpful as well as extremely sobering!

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